Services overview

Dr. Bostock’s Georgetown dental team offers a number of services which include Orthodontics, Dentures, Oral Surgery, Paediatric, Endodontics, Periodontics, Implants, Cosmetic and Restorative. Areas of dental care which also include their patients’ teeth and gums, it includes treatment for baby bottle tooth decay, instruction on how to brush and floss your teeth, teeth whitening, dental veneers, a dental bridge, dental crown, tooth implants, a root canal, wisdom teeth, tooth extraction, dentures and braces.

Today’s advances in materials and techniques are having a big impact in the practice of dentistry.  The skill, experience and commitment in our practice-using a unique combination of science and artistry-can literally redesign your smile.

We want to help you look and feel your best and also to help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health.  At Dr. Mark R Bostock and Associates, we can create a beautiful, natural smile in addition to providing in-house treatment from a variety of ‘specialists’ that is simply not available in the majority of dental practices.  Please browse the services listed below to see what we can do for you.

Main services


Optimal oral health, as with optimal overall health, is most easily achieved by a sound preventative approach.  We have all heard the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  We strongly believe this and our team of dentists and hygienists will help determine what is the best maintenance schedule and course of treatment on an individually specific basis for each patient.

Our preventative components include:

• Check-ups and cleanings –  Scaling and polishing at a frequency that is appropriate for each individual patient as well as periodic reassessment of the health of your teeth and gums

• Oral Hygiene Instruction – We will teach you how to brush, floss and take care of your teeth and gums

• Fluoride Supplementation – In-office and at home

• Sports and Biteguards

• Sleep Apnea Appliances 


Almost anyone can have the “Hollywood Smile” they have always wanted.  It is just a question of how it can be achieved for each individual.  We also, of course restore damaged, broken or diseased teeth with a variety of proven approaches that utilize the continually advancing science and artistry of modern dentistry.

Cosmetic and Restorative services include:

• Bonding – Tooth coloured restorative materials are bonded to existing teeth to repair and restore function or to achieve a desired aesthetic result.

• Veneers – Porcelain or bonded veneers applied to visible surfaces of front teeth.

• Porcelain Crowns – To restore function and aesthetics.

• Implants, Bridges and Full and Partial Dentures – To replace missing teeth.

• Dental Whitening – Professionally supplied or administered whitening products and agents to maximize the underlying whiteness of your teeth. 

+Implant and Prosthetic Services

Sometimes, as a result of past circumstances, people end up with missing teeth.   Today’s dental options offer a variety of ways to replace missing teeth and thereby help to restore and enhance your smile.  Options available generally fall into one of two categories; fixed or removable replacement.

These include:

• Implants – Placed in the upper or lower jaw to replace individual or multiple missing teeth. These are fixed in place and are not removable.  Dental Implants have emerged as the gold standard for replacement of missing teeth.

• Bridges – Fixed Bridges remain an older yet still proven approach to replacing one or more teeth.  For some individuals and in some circumstances they may be a more appropriate treatment option than implants.

• Dentures – Whether full or partial, dentures are a removal, prosthetic option that are employed to replace either single or multiple missing teeth.  They can be supported by either natural tissue or increasing, by fixed implants.   Our specialized in-house Denturist can educate and inform you about what may be your best options to suit your dental needs. 


Gum and Bone Care

The healthiest and most beautiful of teeth are of little use if they are not well supported and anchored in place.  They overall condition of the surrounding gum tissue as well as the bone in which the teeth are supported by, are of key importance.

We are pleased to provide in-house and on-site care by a Board Certified Periodontist.  This enables our patients to see a specialist in their ‘home office’ and avoids the need to refer them to an unfamiliar and often distant location when they require a Periodontist.

Our Periodontal services include:

• Grafting – To replace receded/ absent gum tissue and recover exposed root surfaces.

• Surgical Treatment – To reshape and re-contour unhealthy bone and/or gum tissue to achieve a desired aesthetic or functional result.

• Alteration of existing tissue to facilitate a proposed restorative or prosthetic treatment.

• Implants – Placed by the Periodontist to replace missing teeth or to provide denture support. 


(Root Canal)

Endodontic or root canal treatment, is often considered the treatment of last resort prior to extracting an infected tooth.  Many complex root canal treatments, especially on infected molars with obstructed or calcified canals are undertaken by dental specialists called Endodontist.

We are pleased to offer in-house and on-site, a dental surgeon (DDS) who has narrowed his scope of practice strictly to Endodontic procedures at our office.   This enables patients to be seen in their familiar ‘home office’ and avoids the need to refer them out to an unfamiliar and often distance specialists’ office.

+Paediatric Dentistry

We are at heart a family and preventative based practice and as such, we treat a high proportion of paediatric patients.  Without exception, every staff member in our office is a parent themselves.

Our compassionate, caring and empathetic approach enables us to put at ease the majority of our youngest patients.  When anxiety and cooperation are issues, we offer a variety of referral options to paediatric dental specialists (Paedodontists), who amongst other services can provide asleep or sedation dentistry.

We see and treat children of all ages and strive to make their experience an enjoyable and memorable one.  While having a check up or their teeth cleaned is the primary purpose of their visit, children always leave with a smile after getting a new toothbrush and choosing a toy from the toy chest! 

+Oral Surgery

Most oral surgical procedures including single or multiple extractions as well as third molars (wisdom tooth) is done on site.  We are pleased to have on staff, a dental surgeon who has restricted his spoke of practice to complicated surgical extractions and the majority of third molars surgical cases.  This enables our patients to be seen in their familiar home office and avoids the need to refer them out to an unfamiliar and often distant specialists’ office.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), which is a conscious sedation, is available for patients during their surgical procedures.

For certain complicated surgical situations, requiring deep sedation or a hospital setting, we offer a choice of experienced oral and maxillofacial surgical specialists to who we can refer individual patients. 


Dentures, whether full or partial are a proven and effective way to replace lost or missing teeth in a less invasive and often more economical manner.  We are pleased to offer an in-house denturist, a denture specialist.   He is able to educate and inform denture patients about the best ways to repair or modify existing dentures or to fabricate new ones.  This includes the exciting new option of implant supported dentures which has radically transformed and improved the quality of life for many long time denture wearers.

By having an on-site denturists, patients can have their denture(s) modified or replaced with the direct input of both the dentist and the denturist. 


Although we are Invisalign providers (invisible braces) and we do a number of minor orthodontic procedures with removable appliances, the majority of orthodontic treatment in undertaken by a local specialist/ Orthodontist.